Octagonal Bulgarian Limestone with Iscan Blue Cabs

Eighty miles from Sofia on the edge of the Balkans lie the hills where this hard-wearing limestone is quarried.

Extracted from two neraby quarries, two colours of Bulgarian limestone are available, white and parchment yellow, suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is distinguished by its fine grain, rich veining and smooth surface and can look particularly attractive with the addition of colour washed cabochons as displayed in the picture.

Product Specifications:

Custom: Yes
Octagons: Yes

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More about New Stone Floors:

Our experience in the stone industry is unrivalled. We are often described as pioneers or mavericks to those in the know.

Our extensive net of suppliers around the globe, of which only a few get to be part of the Paris Ceramics Suppliers Club, is second to none. Every stone sourced has been carefully selected with strict quality control in place, quarry supplies have been checked for consistency and future availability, methods of quarrying have to meet our safety and quality standards. These is so much involved with procuring stone.

Due to our expertise with antique floors we are also applying hand finishing and machined techniques to texture, to age and enhance the appearance of our new stones. Often clients wish to age the floors so they have the look and feel of an antique floor, or they simply want to have new and exciting textures and finishes.

Whatever the brief, you can be sure Paris Ceramics will do its very best to meet your expectations.

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