Antique Red Terracotta

These terracotta tiles are actual antique reclaimed, handmade clay tiles from the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Provence regions of France, respectively.

The tiles were the traditional materials used for floor covering in every room of a building. Moulded by hand and fired in wood burning kilns, these tiles will immediately impact the European country feeling that is so desired in homes today. Antique Red Terracotta is up to three hundred years old.

The most common sizes are 15 and 20 cm (6” and 8”) tiles but larger have also been found. Thickness will vary at 2.5cm (1¼”) nominal. Colouration varies from rustic pinks to deep reds.

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More about Antique Terracotta:

Paris Ceramics sources these antique terracotta tiles from Central and Southern France

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