Glazed Tiles

Richly coloured ceramic tiles provide a real focal point in any decorative scheme. Tiles can be dipped or painted in a variety of ways to create a solid or dappled effect.

For a modern look, we also offer metallic ceramics in copper, bronze, gold or silver, which give a contemporary twist to the traditional glazed ceramic tile.
Although Paris Ceramics has a wide choice of standard ranges, we are very proud of our ability to provide custom-made tiles which include bespoke colours to match any decorative scheme or special projects. Special commissions include made-to-order murals that flow over multiple tiles or even replications of historical tiles such as Arts & Crafts lustre or traditional Delft tiles.
For all of our ceramics ranges, we work with a number of artisans and many of our tiles are handmade in England.

Hand Painted Decorative Tiles

Paris Ceramics offers an almost unlimited range of decorative ceramic tiles. Starting with a hand made tile with either a white crackle glaze background, or a range of plain colour-washed backgrounds, each tile is hand painted to order by the company's artists. more..

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