The term Cosmati refers to an intricate geometric design composed from small pieces of hand-cut coloured marbles introduced by the Cosmati family, a twelfth century Roman family of master masons renowned for their craftsmanship of decorative marble floors.

Their work survives in many fine churches across Italy including the Basilica di San Marco in Venice, and by the second half of the thirteenth century, they were even commissioned to create the pavement in the Presbytery of Westminster Abbey in London.

Paris Ceramics is now recreating this tradition, faithfully reproducing the methods of the original Cosmati family in order to recreate the beauty of their work. Each stone is cut by hand often in triangular, square or star shapes and is specially selected from a variety of coloured marbles and semi-precious stones to achieve the specific colours and tonality required. Finally each floor is finished by hand to give the impression of age.


Cosmati work is highly decorative, with inlays of coloured stones, mosaic, glass and gilding. more..

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