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Antique Stone & Marble

From its very beginnings, Paris Ceramics' quest for new and unusual products led to the company's great interest in the reclaiming and relaying of antique limestone, marble and terracotta floors. more..

Antique Terracotta

Paris Ceramics sources these antique terracotta tiles from Central and Southern France more..


The term Cosmati refers to an intricate geometric design composed from small pieces of hand-cut coloured marbles introduced by the Cosmati family, a twelfth century Roman family of master masons renowned for their craftsmanship of decorative marble floors. more..

Glazed Tiles

Richly coloured ceramic tiles provide a real focal point in any decorative scheme. Tiles can be dipped or painted in a variety of ways to create a solid or dappled effect. more..

Marbles - Rare and Exquisite

Our relentless search for the rare and unusual, coupled with our knowledge of antique reclaimed stones, we have used our experience to finely select the best in marbles. more..


Mosaics have visual appeal on many levels. Their detailed composition fascinates the eye in close-up, however when viewed overall, they present an almost three-dimensional picture. more..

New Stone Floors

Our experience in the stone industry is unrivalled. We are often described as pioneers or mavericks to those in the know. more..


Paris Ceramics is proud to introduce "Quadrolegno", a unique luxury timber panelling solution designed and manufactured in Italy. Quadrolegno has been developed by a small team of Italian designers and up until now has been only available to the Italian and Russian markets. more..


Our Symmetry collection includes stone and glass mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial installations. Paris Ceramics supplies both custom and ready to ship tiles for imaginative, sustainable and durable surfaces. more..


Terracotta tiles are a traditional, authentic flooring product that possess a warmth, charm and character that is often missing from more contemporary materials. more..


Terrazzo floors probably originated in North Africa around the late 1800's. more..

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