Below is a complete list of our products suitable for Stairs

Antique Stone & Marble

Antique Black & White Marble

These beautiful and practical floors are reclaimed from European manor houses and country estates will provide beauty and versatility for any interior. more..

Antique Dalle de Bourgogne

These flagstones are reclaimed from properties in the Burgundy region of France, an area almost as famous for its stone as for its wine. more..

Antique Grey Barr

Quarried between 1820 and 1900 in the Languedoc region of France, these stones were always intended to be used as flooring in grand country homes of this area. more..

Antique Jerusalem Mosaic

These ancient stones are the oldest of all the reclaimed floors Paris Ceramics provides. more..

Antique Jerusalem Stone

Also known as Biblical Stone, these ancient stones are the oldest of all the reclaimed floors Paris Ceramics provides. more..

Antique Terracotta

Antique Parrefeuille Terracotta

Parrefeuille tiles were used throughout the southern part of France, and are unusual by their rectangular rather than square shape. more..

Antique Spanish Parrefeuille

These terracotta tiles are actual antique, reclaimed, hand-made clay tiles from southeastern Spain. more..

Marbles - Rare and Exquisite

Andalucian Grey and White Marble

Inspired by our Antique reclaimed Grey and White Marble Floors, this newly quarried marble recreates the classic look. more..

New Stone Floors

Antiqued and Distressed Jerusalem Stone

Distressed Jerusalem Stones are a new product developed by Paris Ceramics. The goal was to create the effect of an antique floor using new materials. more..

Antiqued Refined Limestone

Antiqued Refined Limestone has been developed by Paris Ceramics to give the surfaces of new stone an authentic aged appearance. more..

Blue English limestone

This very special stone is perhaps the most classic of all the English limestone. more..

Bourgogne Claire

The earthy tones and silver accents of Bourgogne Claire make these hand sculpted flagstones from Paris Ceramics one of the most characterful stone floors on the market. more..

Bulgarian Limestone

Bulgarian Limestone is quarried from the edge of the Balkans. more..

Bushmilled Limestone

This painstaking process was created by Paris Ceramics to give the effect of an antique flagstone floor. more..

Cenia Blue

Cenia Blue limestone has extreme hardness, rendering it virtually impossible to work. more..

Cotswold Limestone

Cotswold Limestone is an open grained limestone from the Cotswold’s in England. more..

French Refined Limestone

The close-grained texture of the Refined limestone comes from beds laid down during the Jurassic period some 90 million years ago. more..

Gris Bleu Flamme

Fairly dense French limestone has a strong quartz concentration. more..

Wenge Planks

A stone that looks like wood or is it a wood that looks like stone ? more..

White Bulgarian and Parchment Yellow Bulgarian Limestone

White Bulgarian and Parchment Yellow Bulgarian Limestone is quarried from the edge of the Balkans. more..



Fiona, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic shown in Aquamarine and Dawn Mirror. more..


This pattern was inspired by travels throughout the Latin countries of Spain, Portugal and Mexico, combined with Moroccan history and studies of Islamic geometric art. The hand crafted mosaics is a complex abstraction of classic motifs. The mosaic is created in natural stone and can be installed as floors and walls, inside and out. more..


Here, our Silk Road collection is presented in a simplified palette for “clean slate. ” more..

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