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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd recognises that their operations impact upon the environment and therefore endeavour to ensure that the potential harmful effects of their actions are minimised wherever practicable. 

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd members are committed to considering and conserving the environment during the course of their activities. 

To achieve the company’s environmental objectives throughout their activities, all staff, partners, stakeholders and customers are encouraged to follow this approach. 

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd is committed to: 

 Identifying and complying with all relevant legal requirements. 

 Striving to attain a satisfactory balance between economic, social and environmental responsibilities. 

 Reducing energy usage in all areas of the business where possible. 

 Minimise the amount of waste produced by reducing, reusing and recycling, and ensuring careful and responsible disposal of any waste we produce according to legislation requirements. 

 Endeavouring to source materials from sustainable resources wherever practicable. 

 Ensuring awareness amongst all employees of the importance of environmental issues, and providing training appropriate to their responsibilities. 

 Ensuring their activities are safe for employees, associates, delegates and others who come into contact with their work. 

 Monitoring purchasing practices and internal operations including energy and transport to ensure best use of natural resources and minimum environmental impact. 

 Developing relationships with suppliers, customers, contractors and relevant third parties to discuss and promote improvements in environmental performance. 

 Seeking to incorporate environmental considerations into future decision-making at all levels.

 Making this policy publicly available to any interested parties.   

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd. will commit resources, in time and money to ensure the continued implementation of this policy.


Health and Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy is as follows:

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd is committed to managing the Health and Safety risks arising from the company's operations as far as is practicable for it’s Employees, Sub-Contractors, Clients and all persons with whom it has any dealings or comes into contact with. 

"When in doubt - ask"  

Under the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, the company has the responsibility:  

1) To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking into account any statutory requirements.  

2) To provide sufficient information, training, instructions and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.  

3) To make available all necessary safety devices and equipment and to supervise their use.  

4) To maintain a constant and continuing interest in health matters, in particular, by consulting and involving wherever possible.  Employees have a duty to cooperate:  

a) By working safely and efficiently, showing due regard to both personal safety and the safety of others.  
b) By using the protective equipment provided, and by meeting statutory obligations.  
c) By reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage.  
d) By adhering to Company procedures for ensuring a secure and safe workplace.  
e) By assisting in investigations of accidents and incidents with the objective of introducing measures to prevent recurrence

The Safety Management Team, chaired by the Managing Director meets quarterly to review the Company’s health and safety performance considering information from safety audits, risk assessments and accident reports. The Safety Management Team includes the Managing Director, Contracts Manager and Project Manager.

Responsible for health and safety operations at Company's premises:

 Accident Recording and First-Aid Box - Managing Director

 Management of Health and Safety Documentation (including COSHH Database) - Project Manager (Sites) Administration (Office)

 General Fire Safety - Managing Director

 Training and Training Records - Managing Director

 COSHH Assessments, Safe Systems of Work - Managing Director

 Housekeeping, Waste Handling and Disposal - Managing Director

 Maintenance of Equipment - Managing Director

Paris Ceramics UK Ltd will commit resources, in time and money to ensure the continued implementation of this policy. Overall and final responsibility for health and Safety in the company lies with the Managing Director.

Terms and Conditions - Paris Ceramics



1. Installation and supply totals are subject to survey of site. Any differences found on site different from original bill of quantities or drawings provided to be advised of and to be charged as an addition.


2. Additional or unexpected installation, supply or delivery costs to be advised of and to be bourne by the client if not previously agreed in the original order.


3. Any customs and duties charges to be bourne by the buyer.


4. Whilst every effort has been taken to assess quantities accurately from information provided, if a shortfall or excess of tiles occurs at the time of tiling, Paris Ceramics UK Limited take no responsibility for the final measurements and if additional tiles are required, these must be paid for prior to delivery. It is the buyers responsibility to check quantities are correct at time of order.


5. Paris Ceramics will not accept returned goods that are surplus to requirements.


6. While every effort is made to define and control its range of products, Paris Ceramics accepts no liabilities whatsoever in respect of natural geological and handmade (where applicable) variations concerned with colour or texture


7. All goods must be examined upon delivery to certify the goods correspond with delivery notes and/or receipts provided. In order to validate a claim, any shortages, damages or other discrepancies should be indicated on the documentation provided. Additionally, Paris Ceramics must be notified in writing within 48 hours from receipt of goods. Strict compliance with these conditions is required, otherwise no liability is accepted. NO CLAIMS ARE ACCEPTED AFTER INSTALLATION.


8. Paris Ceramics standard payment terms are 50% of total monies due with confirmed order placement and the remaining 50% balance when goods are fully produced and ready to leave the factory and/or warehouse. Schedule of delivery(s) to be sent once order is placed. Post inspections can be done if required at the cost of the client and/or images can be sent. If multiple shipments are required above and beyond the agreed allotted amount, additional charges will be billed at cost to the buyer.


9. Paris Ceramics shall not be liable for any penalty, loss, injury, damage or expense arising from any failure in delivery or performance arising from circumstances outside the control of Paris Ceramics, including but not limited to force majeure, war or hostilities, government legislation order or direction, strike lock out or labour disturbance, civil commotion, fire, accident, shortage of materials (those of Paris Ceramics or its suppliers), geology of the stone, power failure, breakdown of machinery, police or local authority restrictions, delays in issue, approval or clearance of working drawings, stone schedules (if applicable), templates or other relevant information, lack of instruction from the Customer or suspension of the Buyer’s credit facility and any other cause outside the Paris Ceramics control.


10. Supply and Installation cost total is subject to survey of site; any changes or irregularities that differ from original bill of quantities and drawings provided are to be advised and to be charged accordingly to the Buyer.

11. Installation Payment Terms; Paris Ceramics will bill monthly to the Buyer until completion of all works agreed. An inspection of site will take place bi-weekly where by Paris Ceramics will advise on a projection of works to be completed. The amount to be billed each month will be based on the percentage of the works calculated to be completed. If payments are not received for these projected works within the time frame stated on the invoice, the Paris Ceramics installation team will be pulled off site until the payment is received.


12. In the event of a dispute arising under a contract it will be subject to the laws of England and Wales and any proceedings will be within that jurisdiction.


13. By paying the deposit for the initial invoice the Buyer is agreeing to all of Paris Ceramics terms and conditions which supersedes all other terms and conditions set out by the Buyer. All payments to be done via BACS Transfer from the Buyer to Paris Ceramics.




a) Stone is a natural product which varies in colour and will contain markings, small holes, fissures and flaws, some of which may be artificially filled and therefore:


I) unless otherwise agreed in writing this is not a sale by sample and no warranties can be offered to match material from a sample and


II) any subsequent order of the same stone will not come from the same batch; colour and veining differences are to be expected as stone is a natural product.


b) Selection of material to supply to the Buyer will be at the discretion of the Seller unless agreed in writing to the contrary.


c) Selection of material by the Buyer from a batch, where agreed in writing will attract a premium cost.


d) The supply of samples is at the discretion of the Paris Ceramics and a charge may be applicable.


e) Flooring calibrations are nominal. A variation of +/- 3mm in thickness is normal and variance outside this range may occur. Paris Ceramics cannot take any responsibility for measurements outside this nominal calibration.




a) Natural stone is liable to staining. Although it can be impregnated with a substance to increase resistance to staining, it is not stain-proof and in particular cannot be protected against etching from acidic substances. We highly recommend that the material is treated periodically with a similar product to maintain this resistance.


b) It is for the Buyer to decide if the material is fit for its purpose and no warranty is given by Paris Ceramics unless agreed specifically in writing as performance of different materials will vary in different circumstances,(e.g. outdoors, a swimming pool or as a kitchen worktop). We can supply generic test data for all of our stones but the Buyer should arrange testing independently to verify suitability for their own project before they purchase.


c) Stone should be professionally installed and any chemical treatments applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions for optimum performance.


d) It is the Buyers responsibility to ensure that all surfaces and substrates are prepared and adequate for the stone flooring or products with regard to movement, weight or any other structural issues. Any advice given on these matters by Paris Ceramics is general and subject to the further approval of the Buyer’s professional advisers.




a) Lead times are approximate, from full and final instructions, the receipt of a deposit and subject to selected material arriving and performing as expected.


b) Key dates if changed may mean that Paris Ceramics cannot guarantee to adhere to initially planned/agreed timescales with regard to supply, manufacture, delivery or installation.

c) Quotations will be dependent on accuracy of information provided and clear and legible instructions. Any drawings sent to us for the purpose of a quotation must be fully dimensioned, accurate and to scale. Paris Ceramics cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies resulting from omissions or inaccurate information from the Buyer. Later amendments must be in writing and may attract a penalty.


d) The delivery total is calculated as one total shipment from each quarry/workshop from where each material type is produced. If any early or part shipment is needed/requested by the Buyer, an additional charge will be billed to the Buyer.




a) Programmes for installation are issued assuming that preparation works have been completed. Delay resulting from a lack of preparation from the Buyer or their agents will result in charges on a daily basis for any downtime caused.


b) Where delay is caused on the part of the Buyer, there is no guarantee that the fitter will be available for the later date and charges may be made if no other work is available for the fitter for the allotted period.


c) Programmes for installation are created in good faith and Paris Ceramics cannot be held responsible for delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.


d) Any fitting charges are based on using a standard team assuming good and level access from the point of unloading to the final fit position, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Any variation to this is not only likely to incur additional charges but is likely to result in amendments to previously planned or agreed timescales.


e) Protection of stonework installed by Paris Ceramics, both during and after completion of works, is the responsibility of the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


f) Under-floor heating must be laid, protected and fully commissioned by the Buyer prior to installation of stone by the Paris Ceramics.


h) Up-stands & splash-backs will only be fitted where walls are true. Scribing of worktops on site, where requested, will be charged as extra. The Buyer’s decorator or contractor may be required to make good remaining gaps between walls and worktops or up-stands.


i) All floors have been priced to be fixed on a thin bed adhesive. All make up of screeds are to be done by the Buyer. Steel brackets for stone items, benches or carved basins are to be done by the Buyer.


j) Paris Ceramics will not undertake any, templating, tanking, drilling of holes, plumbing or electrical work, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


k) The installation works does include; adhesive, grout and sealant.

l) Any damage caused by others on site to materials or installation works will be charged back to the Buyer at a day rate by Paris Ceramics for making good.

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