From the very beginning, Paris Ceramics has been different. Unlike most stone and tile companies, we take control of every step of our products’ lives from quarry or kiln, through cutting and finishing, to final delivery at our client’s worksite.

To do this, we have invested heavily in building an infrastructure in many countries, allowing us to guarantee our quality. We have the facility to transform rough quarried stone into extremely sophisticated products in order to manage complex projects at competitive cost to our clients.

Some of our more sophisticated workshops we are affiliated to have married state-of-the-art technologies with our unrivalled expertise in product sourcing, while maintaining our traditional skills in hand-finishing techniques.

By integrating materials and craftsmanship from the old world with technology from the new, we create flooring which is both new and unique.

Glossary of the Day


A gemstone, gem or also called precious or semi-precious stone is a highly attractive and valuable piece of mineral, which — when cut and polished — is used in jewelry or other adornments.


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